Our Story

Our journey to developing this premier brand of dog food is probably the most interesting and educational story that can be imagined.

It started some 3 years ago, with the conception of Wags Doggy Day Care....

We opened Wags because we believe that every dog has the right to a healthy, happy life. At Wags our aim is not just to help dogs to have a great day when they are with us, but to play a big role in helping them have the greatest life any dog could possibly imagine
Once a dog is a Wags member we consider it to be our duty to strive on their behalf and on behalf of their family to achieve this goal. In order to do so we have spent years working with leading experts and professionals and conducted our own extensive research into every element of dogs health and behaviour so that we can truly understand what dogs need.

Through our research and experience it quickly became clear that nutrition has a massive impact on not only a dog’s health, but their happiness. Put simply, for a dog to have the greatest life possible they need to be given the most nutritious and delicious food possible. The problem was that it simply didn’t exist.

Seeing no alternative we decided to take matters into our own hands and slowly began to research and experiment. After many years we have now developed a dog food that can be trusted, that has fresh, natural ingredients and that holds the highest possible nutritional value. A food which helps us to achieve our original goal.

We currently have approximately 700 members at Wags who were given exclusive access to Mother Hubbards dog food and therefore we have been able to observe them on a daily basis and witness the positive impact that this high quality nutrition has had on the health and behaviour of the dogs enjoying our food.

As proud as we are of having achieved another huge step towards the goal we have for all Wags members we thought about why we opened Wags in the first place: Because we believe that all dogs have the right to a healthy, happy life

So with this goal in mind we decided to make Mother Hubbards dog food available to any owner who shares our beliefs

Our promise is to continue to strive to produce the highest quality nutritious dog food at a fair price.